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Average price per square meter Shenzhen office refreshed high 36500
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A report from the real estate research shows that average transaction price of office in November in Shenzhen 36,502.69 yuan per square meter, up 3.54% compared with October, and again hit a new high this year. According to the report released by the Shenzhen Central Pl ains, Nov. 6 million square meters in Shenzhen office turnover, compared with little change in October, edged down 0.5% on turnover of 324 sets of copy number, increase of 13.29% compared with October. Real Estate Information System data released showed that in November the city office market does not permit the project to obtain pre-sale, and no new sales program, the main stock market fundamentals to absorb. Near the end of the year, the developers sell the gradual slowdown in the pace of the project, coupled with the larger policy of the market ups and downs, some developers on the sidelines, so that shrinking supply. Since last month, no new property supply a larger role in the volume continues, the city's total stock of office space decreased greatly. 11 end of the market in the sale of stock of 350,500 square meters, a decline of 13.08%. Nov. office market continued good momentum in October, is still maintained at a high turnover position. In urban and regional planning under the influence of the transaction, Nanshan District, the most active, while clearly not in the business apartments "restriction order" effect, this type of transaction has a good office performance. In addition, insufficient supply in the market situation, high-grade plant is also favored by investors. Compared with October, November mainly reflected structural changes in office space transactions in the property type and regional distribution. The types of property, business apartment is not clear "restriction order" effects, its turnover increased proportion, accounting for 14.97% of the city, the chain increased 5.42%. Corresponding to a pure office buildings and factories to reduce turnover, but the reduction rate is not large, the city accounted for 27.31% of transactions and 57.72%, 2.04% drop compared with October and 3.38%. Factory-style office buildings still play a leading role, although a limited supply of items, but were active and the turnover of large area. Property grade to high-end properties continue, accounting for 75.6%. Regional distribution, urban planning, Nanshan due to effects of continuing transactions the first place, the city's total turnover of 51.53%. November, the Shenzhen office of the transaction price is about 36,502.69 yuan per square meter, up 3.54% compared with October, but also set a new high this year. Analysts believe that the high concentration and large volume of property, is to promote the city's office the main cause of price increases. Wang Zhongyuan, director of the Shenzhen market, the world said that while the enthusiasm of the market for office space has not receded, but near the end of the year, coupled with the recent policy of frequent, the developers pushed the pace has slowed sales office, part of the opening of the project not be postponed next year introduction of temporary shortage of market supply will appear. In his view, as the country's strict control on the housing market, more funds will be poured into offices and shops in the market, invest in the market with plenty of enthusiasm and financial support, the office market is expected to remain high state. While the retail price, the city office will continue to show the structural price fluctuations, by property type, grade, region a greater impact. Related reports Longgang successful transfer of a residential land Yanlord to 945 million won, floor price of 6,312 yuan per square meter Longgang a 46,600 square meters of residential land use right auction yesterday's success, Yanlord (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will eventually total 945 million won, floor price of 6,312 yuan per square meter. It is understood that this is the first city to sell this year, six living space. The case is located in Longgang District Po Road, Holland Avenue and Saddam northeast of the intersection, the land area 46,776.52 square meters, construction area of 149,700 square meters. Area where the land belongs to Longgang Baolong group's functional areas to expand one of the two industries, planning focus on the development of modern manufacturing and science and technology, urban-oriented industries. Real estate concentrated in the west, a large number of mountain resources. Baolong now have a better economic foundation Area to BYD led many high-tech enterprises. 9 developers involved in yesterday's bidding, namely, gold, Tianjian, CITIC South China, Jia Henderson, vibration industry, the Hong Rongyuan, deep industry Pengji, still die, Yanlord. Auction reserve price of the land of 6 million. After several rounds of bidding, and ultimately by Yanlord (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. won the 945 million yuan total, 20,202.44 yuan per square meter of land surface, floor price of 6,312 yuan per square meter. It is understood that the land where the rare Area housing prices in Shenzhen area in the yuan. Recent opening of a large East Side 1 million per square meter average price, average price compared to the valley Zhenye Crest 8,000 yuan per square meter. Golden Group, won the November 12 G02113-0021 near the block, the floor price of 5,468 yuan per square meter. The floor price of the auction block has reached 6312 yuan per square meter, analysts believe that the sales price must be over ten, developers can ensure their profits. Yanlord home representatives said the company was involved in Shenzhen change for the project, but through the auction to take place the first time. As of yesterday, the city sold this year, a total of six residential land, a total of 292,000 square meters of land area, building area of 76 square meters, which have the protection of housing construction area of nature, or 32.5%.
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