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Shanghai office closing down for 2 weeks Hongqiao Changning leveraging big wi
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SouFun Data Monitoring Center statistics show that last week (11.29-12.5) 194 Shanghai office deal sets Transacted from the previous week (11.22-11.28) reduction of 42 sets, Transacted, decreased 17.8 percentage points; transaction area 27,890 square meters, 2500 square meters over the previous week, closing an area, decreased 8.23 percent, the Shanghai office last week, the week before the transaction continues the "double down" trend, closing both ploidy and turnover of the area continue to decline. SouFun data analyst, said the Shanghai office closing down for two weeks, on the one hand is the quality of new office projects listed less on the other hand, the policy is still in the property market and sensitive multiple of the period approaching the end of addition, affected by the budget Some office projects delayed opening, joint customers to postpone buying some office, "shot" under the action of multiple factors, the recent turnover of the whole office, "bad-mouthing." Top regional office closing performance "eye-catching" big Hongqiao, Changning District, leveraging wins Sports News Shanghai office as a whole volume of continuous decline, the transaction does not affect the performance of popular areas, SouFun Data Monitoring Center statistics show that in the area of accounting transaction basis, based on last week (11.29-12.5), Changning District, 6565 transactions square, market regulation since the April closing weeks of the first time since winning the championship, Pudong District, 4681 square meters of trading last week, ranked second; Jiading District, 4050 square meters of transactions, ranked third. SouFun data analyst, said last week won the Changning District, not only because the region has opened a new project, the deeper reason is that a large core area of Hongqiao transport hub announced to start the year, Pan Shiyi, SOHO has also announced the Hongqiao start building next year, and No. 10 subway line week was connected to the Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport, some good news out, making the area of concern within the office project. According to online real estate information, last month opened the Hongqiao International Plaza, Xuhui, Changning District, Hongqiao plate is currently the only item in the sale of office, as of December 5, the project has sold 10 sets. In addition, after the Pudong Expo planning as a direct benefit from one of the regions are active transactions, SouFun statistics data monitoring centers, located in the Pudong section of the Elite Building Expo from November 16 houses have been sold out since opening. But the Jiading District, property control since April as the most active regional transactions, the transaction has maintained good performance in the region are mostly small family business projects, but also raised the whole region Transacted.
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