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Sanyuan Bridge Phoenix heavy volume of Grade A offices for lease starting Land
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Phoenix Resources Land's Landmark (Forum News) recently launched the project for leasing office work. It is understood that the launch of two Grade A office project, the Phoenix, The Landmark, an important component, namely, Landmark Phoenix F, H Block office. Project developers introduced two 21-storey Grade A office buildings are designed with double wall silver LOW-E insulating glass curtain wall. In the office space design, the Phoenix, The Landmark, F, H Block, column-free office space office space to achieve a field of vision is very broad. "Office standard floor area of about 1415 square meters, the height of 4 meters, 2.8 meters in height, part of the floor slab of the flexible design with removable, fully meet the business needs of individual enterprises," China Resources Land (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Office Leasing Manager said Tintin, the current office space to rent not buy way between the current model has been officially opened. Landmark Phoenix for the major cities of China Resources Land's complex project, located in the heart of San Yuan Qiao area shopping abroad, format involving office buildings, hotels, commercial and high-grade apartments, and the total size of more than 25 million square meters. Part A, the project office into the market last year, the current occupancy rate of 100%.
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