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Residential commercial or make matters worse Donguan office
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Residential business, both are greatly reduced rent or utilities, for SMEs, reducing operating costs. However, for community residents, no doubt occupy a larger portion of public resources and bring all kinds of interference, while the vacancy rate to Dongguan office further increased.

According to market rough statistics, Dongguan, construction of new office space planning in the group of nearly 100 million square meters, if the macro picture with South City headquarters of Economy and Commerce groups, the future development of Dongguan's office for the central area of the total supply will be over 300 million square meters. The industry estimated that the supply of offices in Dongguan industrial restructuring to meet the overall demand for 5 years.

At present, even in the most prosperous of the Administration Center Square office buildings line the landscape group, the highest occupancy rate only 80% occupancy rate for office space or even some less than 40%, the overall office vacancy rate of 20% or more, with new office space the market, the vacancy rate much upward trend. If you continue to release residential commercial, will Dongguan office worse.

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