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Beg Dongguan urban district 30 square office building
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Information number: 0810704211 clicks a time: 128 News type: Beg hire property type: Office building property is in area: Property of the city zone of Dongguan city Guan is in an address: Guan city, south city, city ground floor accumulates east: Floor area: Hire valence (rental beg hire) : The face views price (sell beg buy) : Room form: Decorate level: Establishment of form a complete set: Water, report updates date finally: Brief on October 7, 2008 specification: Beg the urban district office building of 30 square left and right sides
Intermediary can cooperate! Want Dongguan urban district only, 30 square! Not such dish if, please not faze! Expert opinion: Contact means Connect a telephone call: Fax of 13751322931: Mobile telephone: Contact of 13751322931: Name of company of J: Email of holy abundant real estate:

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