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Be urgent! Area of city small area is decorated south take air condition

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Information number: 0892503225 clicks a time: 148 News type: Beg hire property type: Office building property is in area: Property of the city zone austral Dongguan city is in an address: Floor of ground of city CBD area accumulates south: Floor area: Hire valence (rental beg hire) : 30 (yuan / month / ㎡) price (sell beg buy) : Room form: Decorate level: Common decorate establishment of form a complete set: Phone, TV, water, report updates date finally: Brief on September 25, 2008 specification: Those who the client begs 80-100 square urgently south office building of city small area, the landlord that has such room causes asks CALL I, thank expert opinion: Contact means Connect a telephone call: Fax of 0769-27162766 88991999: Mobile telephone: Contact of 13549222490: Name of small fine company: Email of Dong Jia real estate:

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