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Grand happiness center 120 smooth rice office building rent
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Information number: 0810155048 clicks a time: 44 News type: Rental property type: Office building property is in area: Property of the city zone austral Dongguan city is in an address: Floor of sports crossing ground accumulates: 120(㎡) floor area: 120(㎡) hire valence (rental beg hire) : 32 (yuan / month / ㎡) price (sell beg buy) : Room form: Decorate level: Common decorate establishment of form a complete set: Phone, TV, water, report updates date finally: Brief on October 15, 2008 specification: Our company have a large number of office building additionally to hire carry out!
Greeting incoming telegram hangs down ask expert opinion: Contact means Connect a telephone call: Fax of 13712942985: Mobile telephone: Contact of 13712942985: Cui gives birth to name of company of: The email:

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