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Dongguan Chang Ping office building lets
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Information number: 0810155042 clicks a time: 28 News type: Rental property type: Office building property is in area: Dongguan city often makes the same score town property to be in an address: Earthy floor accumulates near Dongguan railway station: Floor area: Hire valence (rental beg hire) : Price (sell beg buy) : Room form: Decorate level: Establishment of form a complete set: Phone, TV, water, report updates date finally: Brief on October 15, 2008 specification: Be located in near the railway station, traffic is quite convenient, the outward appearance is very air, there is the unit that the area differs inside the building, have the belt is luxurious decorate (the part takes family property) , the enterprise outside there already were a large number of homes inside the building is entered halt, office gas cent special pretty good
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