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Hua Kai edifice==500 square 3.5 million
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Information number: 0810104643 clicks a time: 122 News type: Offer property kind: Office building property is in area: Property of the city zone austral Dongguan city is in an address: Floor of ground of Hua Kai edifice accumulates area of new city center: Floor area: Hire valence (rental beg hire) : Price (sell beg buy) : 7000 (yuan / ㎡) room form: Decorate level: Did not decorate establishment of form a complete set: Phone, TV, water, report updates date finally: Brief on October 10, 2008 specification: Hua Kai edifice is located in the business affairs intelligence of area of center of Dongguan new city to convert office building, floor area amounts to put together 34000 square metre, standard level accumulates 1600 square metre, repose in area of new city center, be located in between Hong Fulu and sports road, border Dongguan city administration works center, with the international exhibition center, reveal hall of center, people, periphery to still have the Dongguan great theater that is about to build, have perfect standard, convenient liaison man. The wall outside the edifice uses large area glass, daylighting is enough, standard layer uses prestressing force not to have bridge floor, the space opens free, but agile space, perfect intelligence changes establishment, convenient traffic. Expert opinion: Contact means Connect a telephone call: Fax of 0769-27162766 88991999: Mobile telephone: Contact of 13549222490: Name of small fine company: Email of Dong Jia real estate:

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