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Shutdown counts year of Beijing Morgan central second half of the year " reconst
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A few days ago, the personage inside course of study discloses, be located in inferior inside abstruse trade group all the time the Beijing of large project project of shutdown the center is in Morgan this year second half of the year again start working, be in building technology to optimize level at present.

The reporter interviews relevant controller with respect to this matter, but all did not give exact answer. Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, beijing Morgan the center is American AC the headquarters of Asian district office that Morgan invests a company to be set in Beijing, its total floor area 426730 square metre, include 5A intelligence to turn division of business of office building, high-grade hotel, apartment, high-quality goods, it is one of high-end projects with this rare area. Be in early 2002 already start working construction, but be in shutdown condition again later. The graph is Beijing Morgan center.

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