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Office building of Guangzhou first class rents rate of active sky buy to show no
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Although before a few annual months are tradition of office building property,rent off-season, but data shows, market of Guangzhou office building still continues the active posture of on one season, look forward to of its China and foreign countries is the main group of property of the office building that rent.

Sports center first class office building demands exceeds supply

The statistical data that studies advisory ministry all right according to Dai Deliang shows, at present area of the Milky way remains tenement the heat area of office building of first choice first class, the office building of high grade first class all round group of sports center trade presents the situation that demand exceeds supply. Additional, because the empty place area of property of office building of Guangzhou first class is at present less, the space that can offer an alternative is limited, many enterprises can choose to rent only a few be located in flourishing area but the office building property that quality inferiors a bit handles official bussiness. The city that be like annulus east of the near future of property of a few office building of road, east wind road rent also compare apparently the end of the year wanted last year active. What be worth to cause the market to pay close attention to nevertheless is, although above reason brings about office building market to rent active, but of first class office building induct a quantity not tall, from this year the statistic first quarter shows, office building clinchs a deal overally the quantity is 20 thousand square metre only.

Look from industry point of view, the development that the finance that China joined the interest good policy such as the subscription of WTO and CEPA to promote foreign capital, safe, commerce and content sort course of study to be in Guangzhou, the company that makes be engaged in bank, commerce and content shedding line of business rents office building prices relatively active.

Empty buy rate shows first class office building now drops

Rent active another profit that brings for office building market is office building of your first class very empty buy rate presents dropping state. According to statistic, rate of office building empty buy falls first quarter this year it is about 9.9% , relatively the end of the year dropped last year about two percent. Because area of its culmination river is to beg the heat area that lease, empty buy rate makes an appointment with 3 percent than going up to drop first quarter, it is about 11.52% . formerly east a mountainous area, because area of former property empty place is less,have fraction client, cannot satisfy its to enlarge office place ask and must move from this area, make rate of this area empty buy slight rise, it is about 7.1% . In addition, more beautiful area edifice of treasure of be good at force this season appears large area is rented clinch a deal, the empty buy of office building of this area first class is led again small drop, it is about 8.7% . Of the market that rent active price of office building of your first class continues to keep smooth, guangzhou calls valence 11000~14500 in the sale of property of high grade office building of carry out first quarter yuan / M2, the office building with the general quality inside area of business affairs of and rather than calls valence 6000~8500 yuan / M2.
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