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Suddenly turn hostile of sodden poop deck of area of Shanghai general Tuo " buil
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Area of Shanghai general Tuo " Shanghai is versed in on the west the humanitarian sports center that change palace " around, what the construction site that became silent a few years resumed construction is Bacchic with insecurity. " daily economy news " learned recently, this shutdown is close project of village of sports of former general Tuo already was taken over by investment business, will pack " apartment type office is built " appear on the market.

It is reported, already by more the name is " square of Shanghai new sports " this building, be located in China pool road (dipped beam new way) , always cover an area of a face to accumulate 16753 square metre, whole project is divided period development, first phase project is a multi-purpose building.

"This building began construction 1996, at that time is the relevant form a complete set that regards match of the 8th the national games as field, 8 carry can compare location of change of competition ground ground after, the building is laid aside accordingly. " on June 25, zhang Xiaofan of vise general manager of limited company of travel of Shanghai new sports introduces.

2004, limited company of management of asset of trade of the classics outside Shanghai and Shanghai hear estate limited company to undertake this project jointly greatly, project investment is in 300 million - 400 million yuan, limited company of travel of Shanghai new sports is the development business of afore-mentioned two investment business.

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