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Office building secures parking space to be taken up parking lot break a contact
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Report from our correspondent because car be occupied, fine in center a lot of having fixed car the person can park a car rarely however. Yesterday, the administrator of the parking lot tells a reporter, this kind " the turtledove occupies the magpie's nest-one person seizes another person's place " they also do not have the phenomenon method is solved. The lawyer thinks, the parking lot is put in break a contact, should give compensation. "Our company is in so fine in central underground garage rented a car, but drive every time,come back, fixed car always was occupied by other vehicle, so lease arrived to be hired no longer later, so as to save spends money in vain. " fine in the Ms. Feng say of office building.

The reporter was in recently fine in central underground sees one layer, above ten fixed parking space clearly mark is worn plate number, and car much is not opposite the plate number that attends the car that parking to go up. "Total concern of a lot of person cannot find a vehicle, want those who be free to see only so, no matter be fixed,occupy first on. " have fixed car here Mr Liu says to the reporter.

According to fine in Mr Yan of ministry of central registration of vehicles introduces, fine in the two parking lots of central underground of the layer are hired for the most part, foreign car cannot find a vehicle anxious handle affairs, see then get for nothing; Rent a car once the user discovers his car be occupied, basic metropolis chooses to seek the seat around, formed vicious circle so. "At present of the parking lot patrol administrator with respect to a person, essential busy come nevertheless, can use only ' prohibit taking up parking space ' the brand warns a driver. " Mr Yan says helplessly.

Lawyer argument

The king of office of attorney of boreal capital couplet cultivates person lawyer to think, since consumer spends money hire or bought parking space, bond of so bilateral and inevitable existence concerns. Bought a car and cannot jockey normally, break a contact of parking lot respect, should offer compensation. Sign the contract that rent to mention what how compensate for, want to be carried out by the contract; Did not sign the contract that rent or did not mention in the contract, both sides should talk things over solve.

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