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"Headquarters economy " push litre of Shanghai office building to rent the price
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As the promotion of Shanghai city position, confused settle Shanghai enlarges confused of headquarters of transnational corporation area quickly dimensions, "Headquarters " economy is rented for Shanghai high-grade office building bring huge demand. Intermediate measures Chen Limin of inspector general of department of couplet travel trade to divulge, end to 104 transnational corporation established area headquarters in Shanghai in May 2005, the area of office building of their hire first class already exceeded 200 thousand square metre and be in mushroom.

"The headquarters of transnational corporation area that rents office building face to accumulate 3000 square metre to control before New Year, this year in succession enlarge hires above of 4500 square metre, a Er blocks special, combination the benefit China office building area in Shanghai hire more exceeded 10000 square metre. " Chen Limin says, driving demand brings about hire of office building of Shanghai first class to rise empty buy decreases, also make enlarge of suffer from of a batch of enterprises that cross a state hires difficulty. So a few in build high-grade office building to have not be over labour by " stare at prison " , hire beforehand become office building market to basically rent one of forms.

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On June 24, tycoon of two big companies signs Shi Ke of element of 100 things, arrowroot orchid formally to become tenant of city headquarters building about. City headquarters building is located in Shanghai the road in Tibet of yellow riverside area, be in area of business affairs of people square center. This with one action of 100 works group is hired issue its 4 floor in all 8000 square metre, shi Ke of arrowroot orchid element also plans to lease next third floor areas in all 6000 square metre. Intermediate measures couplet to disclose all right, city headquarters building will at formal in September completion, but end at present its are hired beforehand rate already amounted to 45% .

"Building of entitle city headquarters, had expressed the fixed position of this high-grade office building. " it is reported, city headquarters building locates namely at the beginning to attract the famous business that cross a state, the area headquarters that crosses state-owend enterprise trade especially is entered halt. Had signed headquarters of agreement section of 100 troubles corporation to part to press down He Zhaofeng in Mei Long at present round-the-world edifice handles official bussiness, the Chinese area headquarters of Shi Ke of arrowroot orchid element is set in edifice of Lan Sheng of sea route of the Huaihe River at present. Although still be " hire beforehand " level, the hire level of city headquarters building also had achieved 1 U.S. dollors / day / square metre, and the high area that is about to clinch a deal is whole hire was to achieve 1.28 U.S. dollors more / day / square metre.
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