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Shanghai top class office building opens dozen of battle that take a settle or l
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Building city is new politics the office building market below is getting person attention increasingly, also caused natural resources of not small high grade client " contention battle " . Yesterday, couplet of quantity of intermediate of famous estate advisory orgnaization announces the whole world all right, its representing owner and Shi Ke of element of 100 things, arrowroot orchid sign the contract that rent, receive Ju Qing of enterprise of two encyclopedias ball to enter halt be about to the people square CBD of completion building of headquarters of city of Shanghai of top class office building. The top class office building that as Jia Huazhong heart, harbor collects double tower to take the lead enters city to be lifted wetly this year, many business tycoon positive-appearing image these two companies are same in succession " jump building " , market of the office building on the Shanghai that is flourishing more add a few minutes of fever.

Top class office building the appeal to top class client is two-way. To become well-known company assemble " headquarters " , city headquarters building hopes to be able to invite world-class enterprise to enter all the time halt. This, with one action of 100 works group is hired issue its 4 floor in all 8000 square metre, shi Ke of arrowroot orchid element also plans to lease next third floor areas in all 6000 square metre. Besides, intermediate measured couplet to still sign the contract that rent with numerous and top-ranking enterprise all right, the rental rate of city headquarters building is rapid already whirlwind rises to 45% .

The personage inside course of study expresses, favourable price and advantageous situation are making top class office building " Ji of the secret that take a settle or live in a strange place " . Intermediate measures Chen Limin of inspector general of department of couplet travel trade to express, as house property new politics come on stage, shanghai house market drops in temperature more apparent, office building market drives next abidance to maintain ascendant momentum in driving company demand however. This year first quarter, a few advocate the control of empty buy rate of office building of shopping centre first class is in 5% the following, the empty buy rate of office building of certain first class is Pu Xi even 0, its are average hire already went up to every square metre everyday the level of 0.90-1.30 dollar.

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