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Market of Shanghai office building enters gold period hire to still show ascenda
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Since 2005, market of Shanghai office building appears a demand to rise ceaselessly, bear the development trend that hires client scale to go tall continuously. Current, empty buy leads office building of downtown area first class to already dropped to 5% the following, hire shows Pan Shengzhi sign as the addition of demand. This is the author from newest the information that in analysing a report, the market of CB faith office building that publish obtains.

Invest as a kind kind property product, office building is getting the attention of increasing investor. Come from CB faith business to use the newest statistic data of house property ministry to show, at present office building market level is in ascendant phase, bear hire and bear the scale that bought scale rents more than and sells, among them, sell scale changes most remarkable, present a certain downtrend, this shows partial owner compares the development of the city after valueing, begin psychology of occurrence cherish carry out.

CB faith dealer shows with Sun Xiang of manager of house property department, although at present the supply of the office building on the market is increasing, but still catch up with hard temporarily as a result of the addition of supply the addition of demand, so, hire of near future office building still appears piece on raise trend, implicative price also rises somewhat. And from at present the return rate of the price on the market and hire looks, be in commonly 5, 8% between.

To the investor that a few have intent to invest office building, sun Xiang suggests everybody wants to notice control invests a risk, although at present the market has been compared, but opposite at the residence kind property product, the capital that invests need of office building place is opposite bigger, trade cost is higher, investment risk is higher also, before investment, should communicate with professional personage more, communication, reduce investment risk as far as possible.

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