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City of the 11 buildings that copy a copy holds 3 big principles to draw out roo
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In Mao Zedong in thought of whole military affairs, the guiding ideology of bushfighting and athletic battle is having decisive place. In famous " enemy retreat into me, enemy be stationed in my faze, enemy exhausted I am hit, enemy retreat me to chase after " 16 words bid farewell, it is my army the marrow of whole bushfighting and thought of athletic war war. Although land revolution already left us far, but famous " 16 words bid farewell " still having tremendous effect in a lot of domains. City of the topic stock market with the most popular nowadays, building also cannot break away from this one regulation.

Rich play chess wants calmly must not blind rich

"Enemy retreat into me, enemy be stationed in my faze, enemy exhausted I am hit, enemy retreat me to chase after. " central tactics depends on " rich weichis " . Among them, "Enemy retreat into me " suit to develop in building city high speed when, 2003, guangzhou building city begins to look up, till before two years Guangzhou floor price already arrived to comparative bulgy phase, a few buildings dish in two years short the price inside time broke up several times actually, but still the insanity that buy the home is chased after hold in both hands, at that time the floor price of Guangzhou a day an appearance, "Seafood price " become the modernest at that time vocabulary. And current, floor price falls defeat 10 thousand yuan / square metre, price letting a building buys the home to regret in what move when highest peak unceasingly. If apply " enemy retreat into me " fight guiding principle, I am sober when building city is mad, so, also won't appear now so much buy a house " complain civilian " .

Be in cold current of countrywide building city is at present medium, although expand business and the concern that buy a nonexistent class enemy, but the rich play chess with was formed certain however in the business concern of building city concerns. As macroscopical adjusting control fulfil, development business appeared the building sells hard, the circumstances that price should fall. And the changeover that bought the home to also see building city from which, you fall more, I do not sell more, when when falling after all, move again, in wait-and-see mood gradually grumous in, concern of bilateral rich play chess is more and more intense also. Actually, want to gain a victory in this Bo Yizhan, buy the home to should hold to play chess of sober ground rich, is not blindly rich weichis, not rich is foolish! Have on economics first famous " rich is foolish academic " say: Instep of show off account puts certain thing of? of grey word of Xue of joke of thin ⑵ of be apt to of solemn Meng Xian the price carries higher more, the reason is purchaser be certain return meeting somebody to compare his " more foolish " . Be in China's current building city, with this " rich is foolish academic " some are similar, but this is to point to consumptive market, is not to point to development market.
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