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End became mad some development business uses Dongguan unexpectedly pay a debt i
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On September 22, garden of lake of gold of adit of small house pace (examine a map) owner A foreign incoming telegram: We inside this village, property administration fee is two kinds of rate unexpectedly, I hand in than others every square metre is 0.6 yuan tall. This is too strange.

A Yang thinks the price difference of two kinds of rate is tall unusual.

Owner: Property cost compares others tall

Say according to A Yang, the building of golden lake garden dish already had more than 10 years of histories, "What I buy this village is secondhand the room also had a year many " .

All the time since, a Yang is the regulation according to property company, with every square metre 1.6 yuan pay property administration fee. Some time ago, after the property administration fee that A Yang sees a building adjoining is put in the doorway accidentally urges capture sheet, furious unceasingly. "What administration fee of the property on the sheet urging capture of others writes is every square metre 1 yuan of money. " the property administration fee that A Yang said to hand in more than one year, just know now same a village, residential house still has additionally one kind of rate.

Content canal: Hand in less money is touched discount debt

Yesterday afternoon, reporter phone interviewed property of golden lake garden to manage Director Su of place. "Having 100 really is collection of every square metre administration fee of 1 yuan of fund, this is the building that some communication company leases for employee. " Director Su admits to two kinds collect fees.

Director Su says, the estate of golden lake garden develops business to register the under one's name that relies on in small house pace to press down estate company. Development business owed small house pace to press down estate company to hang rely on to wait for charge. Small house pace presses down estate and some communication company to have liability concern. The way that develops business to hire housing property administration fee through controlling some communication company less is touched hang rely on cost.

"Development business owes the money of someone else, be buckled from property administration fee by what, the fund that is not property management then decreased, harmed the interest of major owner. " A Yang thinks, such very unreasonable.

"The finance affairs that develops business and property company is independent, development business also will be used touched that part expense that deduct to return property company. So, our property manages fund and did not decrease. " Director Su explanation.

Lawyer: Owner interest wants to be damaged

"No matter which one party invites property company, the rate that should set according to city price bureau collects administration fee of fetch course of study, the price is uniform, an equality. " Wang Hai of solicitor of office of Guangdong continent attorney (Wang Haibo's guest, king sea news, wang Hai says) the peak says, property administration fee is special fund, want to be used to common management, the case that cannot appear to close less or accepts more.
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