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"11 " 5000 flatlet of Guan grab brake to appear on the market market of dominant
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2008 policy come 4 years reduce first
All previous is adjusted via market of a year period hind, a lot of buildings dish depreciate already sound foundation, but the wait-and-see atmosphere of consumer was not broken completely. Still believe in most person " the country still can publish a series of tightening up policy " during, the Central Bank about " double rate " reduce, transmitted a strong signal to the market.

On September 14, the Central Bank says, since September 16, reduce 1 year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly, deposit is fiducial interest rate keeps changeless, this is reduce first from what standard interest rate borrows money since October 29, 2004.

To this, the personage inside course of study sends Bowen to express, estate regards pillar sex of China as one of industries, have decisive effect, accordingly, the hard hot water with estate at present located market is a bottleneck that the industry grows only, its are low confused market situation and form of whole and macroscopical economy are be closely bound up more. Can foreknow, after incline to of governmental monetary policy is comfortable, estate develops the financing state of business to will get improving, although consumer market still will keep wait-and-see, but the circumstance will develop to good level.

Supply nearly 5000 units to contend for photograph appear on the market

Culmination force connects relevant controller to tell a reporter, during National Day, urban scenery (examine a map) many 100 product will roll out new first phase, the reporter established the gules scroll of face hang out to see outside this project a few days ago, this batches of piece price from 4058 yuan / smooth rice rises, all valence achieves 4600 yuan / smooth rice; Be located in east the royal residence that hole presses down (examine a map) chief also confirms to the reporter related the project, during National Day, they will somewhat movement, and with differring money amount rolls out the market.

The reporter was calculated roughly, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " during, dongguan commodity house acquires the building that opens to booking licence dish nearly 30, if according to regular sale, these buildings dish supply will exceed 3500, compare last year, supply decreases apparently. This kind of circumstance also is explaining, below the premise that does not see a breakthrough in fatigued and weak market, the rhythm that develops business to shift money is apparent slow down. From acquire the building that opens to booking licence dish in light of, town district scale is adjacent. Respect of the city zone, be located in south the world rich domain of city sports road has sealed a top at present, this project belongs to monomer building, brunt door include 2 rooms of 80m2~106m2 and 3 houses unit. As we have learned, this project will be by September the unit that rolls out 300 or so; It is together those who be located in the city zone is new dish, the land agent that comes from Shenzhen adds up to what developing to go up east international building dish had obtained open to booking licence, this is a building of another when be located in area of 10 thousand rivers large-scale community dish, whole project floor area makes an appointment with left and right sides of 390 thousand square metre. During National Day coming by September, this dishes also will roll out certain money amount. Meanwhile, hilton square (examine a map) , Pasadina (examine a map) , wind faces beautiful bay (examine a map) 2 period, flourishing age east (examine a map) , bank river residence (examine a map) , samite banner peak (, new city news, new city says) 2 period wait for the city zone 20 many buildings dish will be in Jin Jiuyin 10 during roll out, supply of the city zone is close 4000.
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