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Point of Guan house price is carried by " parabola " 11 it is to move to buy roo
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Should be when buying a house! 11 golden weeks are nearly this year before, near 20 projects enter town. A lot of building dish had made elaborate plan, fold on fold, buy a room to send car, direct enter wait for favourable too many things to see letting a person, the great gift bag that enough development business enrages to send by is more before place did not see, have a building dish send at a heat " 11 " 30 heavy privilege, more development business cries greatly highest the privilege that sends 200 thousand yuan.

The personage inside course of study says, at present estate value is in " parabola " end end, be about in estate move before turn get warm again after a cold spell, now is optimal opportunity undoubtedly.

The estate market of 11 forecasts this year is: Qualitative Gao Panmei of? of Kang Su scoop up with a dust pan, sale will rise somewhat on the foundation September in October.

Building city analysis

Will trade in September price of house of quantity on the low side falls not big

From 2007 floor price all the way hurricane, to 2008 by 3 explore of floor price, dongguan building city was experienced " glacial fire is double day " . Begin from July, feng Taicheng (examine a map) , garden of golf of city of 10 thousand divisions (examine a map) etc with 3500 yuan / square metre undersell, drove follow-up of other development business, lift again depreciate agitation.

Arrived in August, dongguan is common the residence all valence lowers the minimum this year all valence 5006 yuan / square metre, the price that there is 57.5% in the house that clinch a deal is in 5000 yuan / square metre is the following.

A man of virtual and ability according to the star real estate is monitored, whole of average house of Dongguan whole town clinchs a deal last week all valence is 5270 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 0.4% . But concrete analysis, house price will fall in September extent is not remarkable. On September 1 ~ 7 days, the residence all valence 5438 yuan / square metre, on September 8 ~ 14 days, the residence all valence 5292 yuan / square metre, on September 15 ~ 21 days, the residence clinchs a deal all valence 5270 yuan / square metre, house price whole presents small descendent trend again.

And the data of website of public of bureau of canal of Dongguan town house shows, up to on September 21, dongguan will put on record on commodity house net in September total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 1591, day all clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 75, and assembly of the corresponding period handed in a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be as high as 3026 2007, day all clinchs a deal the quantity is 144, quantity of lot approximate number differs tremendous.

New dish gather together appear on the market price of house of the city zone appears 4 words first

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