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"Double fall " issue Dongguan together " Fang Nu " decompression is politic
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Since yesterday, interest rate of loan of Chinese people bank and in interest rate of reserve of deposit of small finance orgnaization is reduced at the same time. "Interest rate should be moved early, and this just still begins absolutely, can next a series of moneys or finance policy support macroscopical economy development. " chief of department of business of housing of some commercial bank represents Dongguan city.

Yesterday, dongguan much home develops business to express, pay close attention to this policy very, from will for a long time look, it is good that policy will develop generation interest next to Dongguan building city, but right coming " Jin Jiuyin 10 " criterion the help is not great.

Mix to Guan look forward to from policy face shareholder confidence

"Monetary policy is macroscopical economy adjusts the directest in the method, reduce the deposit reserve interest rate of loan interest rate and orgnaization of be in harmony of the Xiaojin in reducing this, there is the credit dimensions of a few ten millions immediately on the market, can be put, at present to addition credit dimensions country for many times policy indicates, the support that increases credit of pair of medium and small businesses, for the Dongguan manufacturing industry of this crucial to be in transition to upgrade period, it is a major interest undoubtedly good. " Dongguan city too combine general manager of industrial investment limited company Yellow Sea billows expresses. Nevertheless, he expresses at the same time, because risk of loan of medium and small businesses is high, accordingly although this policy is objective going up is benefit good, but carrying out go up to be able to not make medium and small businesses indebted certainly.

"This ' double rate ' reduce, of the stock market be benefited the face is the directest. Lowering interest because of this is the Central Bank 6 years come lower interest first, the mark is worn 11 times since October 2004 add breath cycle to had stopped, chinese monetary policy walks along those who last extremely likely into to lower interest passageway, at the same time in reserve of deposit of the attune on small finance orgnaization, also give the market infuse more liquidity fund, because this stock market is very possible,be benefited from which. Below the case that at present the stock market sees an end already basically, below the support of policy the market rebounds the meeting is very quick, drive the get warm again after a cold spell of shareholder confidence thereby. " the personage inside some course of study represents real estate of 10 thousand families.

"The market is probable it is chance with this "

"Double rate " reduce also give from last year " 9 · 27 " the room is borrowed new politics since sufferred the Dongguan estate market that inflict heavy losses on to bring a bright color.

"This the Central Bank reduces loan interest rate, also reduced interest rate of housing accumulation fund together, explained the country is intended have the aid of reduces credit to upset estate market. " Zhao Hongliang of chief inspector of smooth big landed sale expresses. "The most essential is policy general turns round the wait-and-see mentality that at present Dongguan follows owner thoroughly from consumptive confidence. "
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