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Square apartment is believed in 6.6 change unit price 10 thousand yuan rise pat
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Those who be in center of mark of Guangzhou CBD ground is medium letter square apartment, give off room of elevator of a high level to will be in the middle ten days of a month will be auctioned in September, floor area is 123.7864 square metre, price is sent since reference one million two hundred and thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and sixty yuan, price of every square metre is 10 thousand yuan. The professional personage such as Central Plains real estate is analysed, if not be to live oneself, the investment return rate that predicts this property can be amounted to 5% , belong to better investment sign, but also be based on current weak city condition, invest one year in can keep a cost possibly also only.

The spot walks nod

World of business of famous brand property bristly

Sale announcement shows, the property that will take is apartment of square of the letter in road of north of the Milky way east 2707 rooms, do not hand in auspicious (nobody live) , authority belongs to a data to be now " open to booking bond " . The reporter steps on dish of understanding to, the Lou Ling of this mark is 11 years about, 3 ladder 9, interior layout relatively upright and foursquare, two rooms one hall, belt decorate, northwest faces towards. In addition, this property owes cost to make an appointment with 20 thousand yuan, all tax cost of these charge and generation of place of change the name of owner in a register all pay by vendee.

Letter square apartment is located in road of north of the Milky way in, it is the mark sex property that Guangzhou has a brand, world of business of periphery China mansion is bristly, adjacent cosmopolitan square, times square, medium the first class office building such as edifice of letter square, mayor, personage of numerous foreign nationality and company high level choose how to be resided here. There is live abroad around the medical treatment place such as hospital of happy center people and the large supermarket such as 100 beautiful, living facilities everything needed is ready, gate 100 subway forest and west station are besides rice, there is Guangzhou in east station, there is passenger station of edifice of the Milky way south, communication is convenient and quick... these reflected place of its social status.

Operator appraised price

Investment can keep a cost only inside year

Place produces Gu Qianying of senior business manager to introduce in, this plants letter apartment in the rare property that be short of a gender normally very get the reception that buy the home, the sale price of this mark every square metre 10 thousand yuan already very reasonable, current and similar door model lunar hire is 7000 - 9000 yuan, the price that type apartment is the same as all round also is in 15 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides, opposite for, this auction building that apartment believes in dish already very cheap.
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