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Dongguan first floor dish hit " to equally shared instead " card consumer did no
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Sale of building city Olympic Games just ends than going all out greatly, recently 10 thousand Jiang Mou buildings dish sales promotion gives new device again: ? of Biao of younger sister of  of  of naevus of plum of bold bank brandish is average every room can save more than yuan 80 thousand.

Develop business this one " spread out instead enunciative " , it is the brigade of the another broken ice of Dongguan building city, be perhaps transitory sales promotion method only?

The reporter visited this building yesterday dish point of sales.

Head Fu Yue is much, gratuitious area is jumped over big

The reporter walks into this building dish point of sales, plum the specification buying a house that estate adviser showed surname buy to be the person that buy a house to draft. She says, the house shares many 100, begin to sell from May, at present already work off is close most probably. "Turn over apportion area " activity yielding benefit begins this month, before having only 30 scare buying person just enjoy such privilege, remain 3 quota of people only now.

Miss Li drafted the specification buying a house of 3 kinds of different payment very quickly for the reporter. According to this plan, with what think commonly " cancel to equally shared area " different, this building dish the building area that sell, still with " floor area (contain equally shared area and set inside floor area) " will calculate. But it was the person that buy a house to offer 7 into, 5 become and 3 into head pay the privilege that waits for 3 kinds to pay, corresponding every kinds of payment, can part " discharge " 18 square metre, 14 square metre and the house price of 10 square metre.

Press the view of Miss Li, this building dish the utilization rate of the house is in 85% the left and right sides, 15% it is to equally shared area. The house of a 120 square metre, equally shared the area is 18 square metre. That is to say, the person that should buy a house head when Fu Qicheng, the area that will have 18 square metre not valuation, be equal to cancelled to equally shared area. Below additionally two kinds of terms of payment, the person that buy a house still should assume 4 square metre or 8 square metre equally shared area.

Notable is, this building dish rolling out all houses this is " room of collective property right " , owner cannot handle card of independent house property. Probably also because such, this building dish the price is quicker.

Industry: ? of cook of a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides of  aing shallow lake overgrown with wild plants

Although this building dish be not complete " spread out instead " , but its part " spread out instead " sales promotion, still cause the attention of many person that buy a house.

Mr Zhang bought the citizen before New Year the house of a 120 much square metre, set inside floor area is 100 square metre, equally shared the area amounts to 20 much square metre, house price is every square metre 6000 multivariate, he to equally shared the area paid nearly 140 thousand yuan. He says, if building dish the sale does not calculate equally shared area, will be the person that buy a house to reduce a large sum of expenditure apparently.
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