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Squeeze a CBD bubble an international city cannot be short of coordinate
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CBD, a when becoming China contemporary superstition -- the new coordinate with an internationalization indispensable city; Look from commercial angle, it became the contemporary pronoun of cornucopia almost; And look from practice, the CBD of Chinese certain city locates and build apparent deviate its achieve definition and meaning formerly.

The emancipatory tablet of Wu Lin of the Milky way of road of Nanjing of Beijing CBD, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing... the CBD that city of many 40 China is being built or engineering oneself.

To be in a society for the Chinese of transition period,

CBD appears assemble a variety of dreams that concern with fortune: Highest gradeOffice building, the costliest apartment, most the building of limelight, still have the most wealthy person and they most beautiful car...

CBD, dye-in-the-wood exotic. This comes from 20 centuries of American the idea that Burgess of sociologist of 20 time United States is studying to put forward when structure of space of Chicago city town, original intention is Central Business District, translating Chinese is " area of the business affairs central " . Be in the China that conforms with international increasingly, CBD is becoming numerous city to chase after the new coordinate that hold in both hands ardently.

Important news of office building market·Shanghai top class office building opens dozen of battle that take a settle or live in a strange place the company such as 100 things finds new job in succession
·Dai Deliang goes: Shanghai sale office building is popular hire all the way raiseWhite-collar community·Of white-collar office building painful
·Attend " white-collar picture is beautiful " contest, win take rich and generous prizeForum concentration·Business lives amphibious building a priori is insufficient
·Pan Shige: Building city winter arrived, everybody is held in the arms together some warmerBeijing office building fast check

Treat of is spent to the mania of CBD, urban supervisor and landed development business assign on any account hard it seems that. Because look from commercial angle, odd with respect to CBD this concept, was destined with respect to a priori its are mixed close to the gold of land sell one's own things of day price building dish price.

But, since CBD is the concept of urban space structure of Chicago of traceable United States only at first, so whether is it universally applicable example? What kind of China city builds CBD aptly? Whether can you copy different urban CBD with a matrix?

On June 17, "Research of development of area of function of business affairs of first whole nation is advanced forum " open in Beijing. Sponsor just be university of capital economy commerce, undertaking just is science of Beijing philosophy society CBD expands research base. The concerned leader such as development of technology of economy of academy of program of design of city of research center of development of construction ministry, the State Council, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, Beijing and expert scholar, still have the curator that comes from the CBD such as Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Wuhan, appear on forum in succession.
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