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Rent or sell office building grants the interest of carry out backside to analys
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"The development trend of office building future is ' hire only do not make work ' " . A word that physics thinks to estate develops Yang Letao of limited company vise general manager to went up in ZhongGuanCun forum a few days ago in causes people to pay close attention to. The near future also has many statistic data to show, zhongGuanCun adds large quantities of office building newly by sell instead hires pattern. Rent with sell these two see the operation pattern that is like common, after all which suit capital office building more?

Office building rents is international convention

Yang Letao points out, from on century project of the first concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals has large building of 80 time international, and even center of trade of the Beijing vast edifice of after this, nation, fine in the office building with be filled with the much such as division center, Oriental square edifice of center, Hua Run, good is by group hold, is not buying and selling. Later period why did the product of buying and selling become much? Because Beijing returns property of can extended without the development business that has actual strength more so hold. To ensure capital steam again, sell becoming a kind to look is appropriate choice. Foreign office building is actually rare sell, "Office building is first-rate product, development business of future should pay attention to character particularly, if make goods,sell at the beginning, may in every respect managing, go against long-term development. So the development trend of office building future is ' hire only do not make work ' . " Yang Letao says.

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Yan Zehuan of vise general manager of limited company of broker of estate of Beijing Central Plains holds approve of point of view to this. He expresses, company take on lease or buy office building to depend on the reason of two respects, it is capital pressure, 2 it is company management strategy.

"Hire " with " make work " the interest of backside is analysed

To development business, what profit does extended hold office building have? Yang Letao thinks, good office building should hold nice a sector of an area, high additional cost normally. "Like Hua Run edifice, fine in these run the center handsome property, although be the product 78 years ago, but present product 80% cannot catch up with them. " he says.
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