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Advertisement is put in undesirable liability expert to say area of CBD business
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Zou Le of our newspaper reporter reports a few days ago, yue Song of researcher of research center of development of the State Council east the undesirable tendency that pointed out when accepting a reporter to interview at present CBD exists likely. He thinks, one of undesirable tendency become the ad that estate develops to sell a site namely.

Yue Song east think, be in at present a few in the banner that small town plays a CBD in succession, it is to undertake estate is developed actually, and course of study replaced the buy of investment to crowd the development that took business even, a few developing zones are fond of the construction that makes shop of the residence, business and professional market, and the grand opera that regards business affairs as the area -- , the construction of office building, because borrow money,pay back period of difficult, investment grows, the risk is big and get desolate. Guangzhou CBD construction appeared such lesson, result and original intention as it happens are contrary. The advertisement statement that so we cannot develop CBD construction as estate goes acclaiming.

Yue Song east think, additionally two undesirable tendency are " the building does not have city " and " bull puts in, the function is duplicate " . Some cities built office building to be enrolled however do not come business. And some cities function is too duplicate, for instance the area austral Qingdao city did a CBD, will look from future is more reasonable, because the bank of 95 % above is over there, and whole deposit remaining sum, big head also is south city area, it is an old financial division, very conditional. But city north also should do a CBD.

Such one pair of provincial town do two CBD, have bit of dispersive financial capacity really.

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