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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Empty buy leads office building of Shangha
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Travel of intermediate quantity couplet is newest study the report shows, this year first quarter, market of office building of Shanghai first class trades active, investor of a few foreign countries was signed in succession multinomial the contract that buys item of first class office building. Empty buy leads Puxi and office building of Pudong area first class continuously under 8% the following, among them, pudong by 7.7% drop to 7.4% , pu Xize by 5.9% drop to 5% . Additional, first quarter, pudong and hire of office building of first class of Pu Xi area rise respectively 6.8% with 11.8% .

Intermediate measures couplet to study the ministry is in charge of He Mai to be able to express all right, office building rents market demand to come from all trades and professions, basically suffer service line of business to drive, company of service of much home banking if group of international of Gao Cheng, United States and Holand bank group already signed make an appointment with hire new office building. In addition, of city headquarters building bear hire a circumstance to show, large transnational corporation if Shi Ke of arrowroot orchid element, 100 things, Di Siman, the high grade office building that intended change leases Shanghai is integrated the agency that its are in Shanghai.

He Mai can say, with Jia Huazhong the heart is exemple, finishing this year in January, to first quarter end, of about 60% let unit already consign is used. This large building is current already lease briefs the unit of 80% , report gives good market perspective. It is reported, at present still office building of 4 first class is in construction in, predict will 2005 the completion before the bottom. (introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad bright)

Office building of first class of relevant link near future market trend

1, day of Ma Shiji hire installs a center 4 about 10000 square metre; 2, building of headquarters of city of hire of Shi Ke of Ge Lan element makes an appointment with 3800 square metre two layers; 3, three-layer of building of headquarters of city of 100 things hire makes an appointment with 5700 square metre; 4, building of headquarters of city of Di Siman hire makes an appointment with 1900 square metre one layer; 5, center of Micron hire Jiahua makes an appointment with 1800 square metre; 6, square of trade of century of Gao Cheng hire makes an appointment with 2400 square metre; 7, the home gets square of trade of treasure hire century to make an appointment with 2400 square metre; 8, hire business scope of activity makes an appointment with Dishini 1289 square metre; 9, scope of activity of malic hire business makes an appointment with 1100 square metre; 10, large building of new world of Hong Kong of hire of American international group makes an appointment with 1900 square metre one layer.

(above information is studied by intermediate quantity couplet the ministry is offerred all right, offer reference only)
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