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Market performance is good empty buy rate achieves office building of Shanghai f
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Empty buy leads office building of Shanghai first class to go low continuously, achieve 10 years to come lowest. International of basis high power yesterday (4 days) release office building market studies the report shows first quarter, shanghai first class and exceed first class office building empty buy rate already fell to 6.7% , and empty buy rate has glided by last year to 7.2% .

Demand exceeds supply bring about empty buy rate to drop

2005 first quarter, shanghai is only office building of a first class " Jia Huazhong heart " finishing, commentate those who give 62 thousand square metre is new add an area. And there still were 5 office buildings 2005 will commentate give the market, those who bring about 385 thousand square metre is new increase supply. According to reporter understanding, "Jia Huazhong heart " hire a condition beforehand quite ideal. At present the total supply of first class office building is 2.95 million square metre, the net digestive amount first quarter is 72 thousand square metre, empty buy is led by by last year 7.2% glide to 6.7% current.

And from the point of hire expression, 2005 first quarter, average make a price is office building of Shanghai first class 0.9 dollars / square metre / day, specific clinch a deal the price is 0.81 dollars / square metre / day, the space of average negotiate a price of whole town is 10% . Clinch a deal hire relatively last year the raise on the corresponding period 14.3% . The report of high power international shows, clinch a deal on average at present hire is highest for static install an area to amount to 0.97 dollars, lu Wan is resided second for 0.86 dollars. Major hire growth is centered in region of Pu Xi downtown to include Huang Pu, static how, the Xu Hui area of Lu Wan and periphery of sea route of the Huaihe River, show the circumstance that demand exceeds supply is highlighted most in these areas.

Foreign capital at buy office building

A few days ago, gao Cheng (GoldmanSachs) buy Shanghai with 107.6 million dollar 100 vacate a large building, created foreign capital to buy the highest specified amount of Shanghai office building. And the Xinmao large building that the MacquarieGlobalPropertyAdvisor with the subordinate group in Mai Ge also will buy to be located in new scope of operation in Feburary, of the project clinch a deal amount is controlled in 100 million dollar.

Think inside course of study, the good performance of market of Shanghai office building is the main reason that attracts foreign capital.

"After these projects buy afterwards, other abroad fund also express to comparative have fun at. " beautiful jade of standing director old man represents Hua Dong district of China of limited company of adviser of property of high power international. "Ground of cut down of foreign capital stride marchs city of Shanghai high-grade building showed orgnaizations of these professional estate banking are right the confidence of Shanghai estate market and even whole and macroscopical economy, this can hopeful to other investor generation psychology expects an impact. The clinch a dealing that predicts to there can be project of more and similar Xin Mao this year case appears in the market. " she says.
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