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Landed expert of Beijing of abroad fund stake reminds want the vigilant seize a
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Beijing of China News Service a variety of evidence will make clear report on April 19, in the city such as Shanghai investment tries water after the success, fund of a few abroad estate is sending force sadly, begin to wait for urban seek to serve as further in Beijing.

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On April 8, in the Yang Ziji that the whole world issues gold announces, denounce endowment 30 million dollars, whole new trunk D silvers coin far in buying Beijing hotel type apartment serves as his long term the object of investment. "Yang Ziji gold " it is the eye shot that appears in Beijing public for the first time. According to Shanghai industrial (group) Chen Weishu of limited company assistant president introduces, the investment town of military importance of Yang Ziji gold is to be in Shanghai originally, sign this new artery silvers coin far in making an appointment with, it is its only those who stride Beijing is very small one pace.

From this year since spring, all sorts of public already messages that send market of estate of Beijing of skill of travel, fund with respect to in quick succession: The Singapore that having investment firm background ground of triumphant heart buy will buy A of center of trade of world of the annulus in, B with 1.837 billion yuan of RMB on March 4 office building of two first class; On Feburary 25, world-renowned cast a Magenshidanli hand in hand the name that Shanghai Cheng Rong invests limited company to invest advisory limited company with Fu Chengli purchases next value 400 million yuan Fuli Gemini TOWER Ⅱ , among them Magenshidanli holds the share of 56% . At the beginning of Feburary, another famous join Hang Meilin group center of northerly Jing Yintai invests 30 million dollars, the collaboration that makes item of silver-colored peaceful center invests and manage square.

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And of more abroad capital entering is what to undertake sadly is in under open level. As we have learned, ocean new artery is in D of whole work off later, 10 days in will sell another building another fund with same way, and the development of this project is company, medium far estate subsidiary " Beijing Lin Dahua summer " also will be in January draw some to cast become new partner all right square; Inside CBD area, some market prise that by Beijing company of detached estate broker acts as agent exceeds billion yuan the office building project of the RMB, at present already with abroad one famous pitch the framework agreement that signs whole to buy all right; In ZhongGuanCun area, the CEO initiate that invests development by initiate buy course of study extends an edifice to also be in at present with Singapore fund of one provide for the aged is mixed one bank undertakes Germany deepness contact, discuss matters concerned of full carry out.
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