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The analysis inside course of study: Shanghai small family office building remov
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At the beginning of this month, " the announcement that sells about this city individual common housing business tax imposes a regulation " come on stage, the put up with to the residence is being made over inside a year levy of part of its price difference, tax rate is in about 5.55% . Such, brought into investor eye shot again in the small family besides levy limits office building.

The market behaves a respect, near future office building goes force is more powerful. From supply a respect to look, supply of small family office building is very limited. Only 2004 6 projects are rolled out, reckon supply of project of small family office building is not much also 2005. Look from hire level, office building rents prices to rise continuously. In the meantime, the inadequacy of supply also makes the empty buy rate of office building is achieved ceaselessly piece new low, this makes the rental case of small family office building good. Look from market demand, shanghai's distinctive sea sent atmosphere to collect quite extensive wisdom talent, and wisdom business is vigorous to demand of small family office building, this increased the passenger source base of small family office building further. From the area piece distributing look, because cost of business affairs of region of business affairs core is fast elevatory, area of small family office building is extended ceaselessly. Journey of life of general Tuo warden board piece, the beach outside north new window in will making market of Shanghai office building.

With respect to product analysis, of character of small family office building step-up, also develop further for market of small family office building laid a foundation. For instance the fortune times edifice of macrobian road and crossing of Shaanxi north road, with 50 ~ the small family of 200 square metre give priority to, be opposite the macrobian greenbelt of 40000 square metre, advocate hit lead intellectual times brand-new office mode, change form a complete set to serve to provide astral class hotel into the enterprise that be stationed in, predict will this year in June open quotation, the value is at present uncertain. Introduce according to this project controller: Although this edifice returns sale of not formal open quotation, but come round to seek advice buy the home particularly much, buy the home people the good target that the care is most is the product side such as a sector of an area, old hall, elevator.

From buy the home optional project looks first half of the year, macrobian district district, first half of the year basically is fortune times square this year inside 4 buildings dish, among them already of face city, have last year the Shanghai A of open quotation the holy heaven and earth with the open quotation end this year January, door model the area is control to 200 square metre from 67 square metre, the Shanghai A that is located in crossing of Xi Kanglu long life all valence is in 17000 yuan about / square metre, the holy heaven and earth that is located in road of long life of river peaceful road all valence is 24000 yuan / square metre. Be about to be in the Yue of face city amounts to international edifice this year, be located in road of long life of Wu Ning road, same with small family model give priority to, the area is the smallest control for 25 square metre only, after the market analyses a personage to predict open quotation all valence is 18000 yuan / square metre.
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