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Linkage edifice has office building to rent
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News type: Seek kind of shopping course of study: Office building
Property is in area: Dongguan city east the city zone
Property is in an address: East edifice of linkage of lane of castellan hill tall cropland
Land area: 5232(㎡) floor area: 5232(㎡)
Hire valence (rental beg hire) : 24 (yuan / month / ㎡)
Price (sell beg buy) : The face is discussed
Room form: Office building is rental
Decorate level: Decorate simply
Establishment of form a complete set: Water, report
Update date finally: On May 8, 2008
Brief specification: Linkage edifice be subordinate to belongs to Dongguan linkage group, be located in east castellan hill Gao Tianfang, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of near neighbour city, traffic is convenient, situation is advantageous, this edifice covers an area of a face to accumulate 5232 square metre, the building is 6 tall, form a complete set has field of elevator, large parking lot, basketball, badminton field and perfect water and electricity, fire control to wait for establishment.
This edifice suits to do office building, bazaar, food, hotel to wait. At present already company of much home network, advertisement, house property is garrisoned, empty buy part faces each enterprise to enrol business now.
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