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Buy Hua Kai square urgently 300 square office building
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News type: Seek kind of shopping course of study: Office building
Property is in area: The city zone austral Dongguan city
Property is in an address: Square of center of Dongguan city administration
Land area: 300(㎡) floor area: 300(㎡)
Hire valence (rental beg hire) :
Price (sell beg buy) : 12000 (yuan) the face is discussed
Room form:
Decorate level: Did not decorate
Establishment of form a complete set: Phone, TV, water, report
Update date finally: On April 19, 2008
Brief specification: Our company one client buys Hua Kai square urgently now 300 square, price range is discussed, outfit foster cordial relations between countries and wool are bad go, the friend that has resource is great connection!
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Mobile telephone: 13723529112
Contact: Owen

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